Quinoa Pizza

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Quinoa Pizza

Serves 2 as an appetizer


2 quinoa burger patties
Cooking oil
1/2 T tomato (pizza) sauce
Small handful fresh basil leaves, shredded
1/8 cup cheese
1/8 cup steamed octopus
1 black olive, sliced
To taste, smoked salt
To taste, paprika powder


  1. Coat a pan with cooking oil. Heat to 325°~350°. Fry the quinoa patties for 2 minutes.
  2. After removing the patties from the pan, place in a skillet and flatten to half their thickness.
  3. Slather tomato (pizza) sauce on the patties. Top with the basil leaves, cheese, octopus and the sliced black olive. Cover the skillet and steam over a medium flame for 2 minutes.
  4. Remove the cover and continue to cook until the quinoa patty looks crispy. Sprinkle with paprika and salt to taste. Garnish with basil leaves.