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Rice Versa

Rice Versa was inspired and produced because of our heart and love for rice culture. Rice Versa is manufactured in Wes Sacramento using locally grown Calrose Rice. Organic Brown Rice. Organic Brown Rice and Red Quinoa. Meet your new healthy solutions for new recipe at your kitchen, work and party.

No Rice Cooker. No Chopstick. Easy and Convenient. Microwave, Grill, or Pan Fry.

Healthy rice culture. Healthy Mind. Healthy Food. Healthy Meal. Rice Culture

‘Ready in Minutes’ Microwave, Pan Fried, or Grill. Any WAY you want. Rice Versa delivers tasty brown rice & red quinoa to your kitchen in minutes. Rice Versa is gluten-free, vegan and a source of protein. Perfect with grilled fish or with your favorite healthy salad and meals. No added chemicals or preservatives. Organic. Manufactured in West Sacramento using locally grown Calrose Rice.


Factory Image
Factory Image
Factory Image

Shinmei USA’s mission is to create an easier and more convenient way to introduce the healthy rice culture to the West.

Cooking rice normally requires specialized equipment and preparation time. This hassle is the reason why rice has never been embraced by many households…until now.

The solution to the hassle of cooking is rice patties.

Rice patties will bring convenience to many busy households which have limited time to cook rice. The convenience of rice patties is also inherent in its ease to complement any meal. Consumers are given the creativity to mold, shape and enjoy rice patties as a side dish to accompany their favorite dishes.

Not only are the rice patties conveniently pre-cooked, they are organic, gluten-free, vegan, whole grain and Non-GMO; thereby, further embodying Shinmei’s commitment to provide the healthiest solution to your daily meal. Just for your next meal, these rice patties are carefully and perfectly made with locally grown California rice.

For your next healthy alternative, choose Rice Versa!